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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy belated Birthday #happy Son Nam Shin (delayed post)

Delayed post

Happy Belated Birthday to the maknae (the youngest member) of Beast Son Dongwoon


Since i just started my new semester...short semester timetable is already pack!
Fuhhh..Even it just for two months but it for sure tiring..
the body...the brain..haha

and of course..everyday i have to come to the class
and i'm taking 3 subject for this semester...
that's why i kinda busy and so late to post the son nam hsin birthday ^^
Once again..Happy Belated birthday Dongwoon..
You officially turn to 22 this year.
(23 in Korean age)

Stay healthy, and be happy..


I really wish i can see you guys AGAIN this time..
for AIA Concert live in KL, on this 27th of June

I really want..but i just can't! not because i didn't want..but i have to fulfill my duty as a student

Yes...because it happen on weekdays..and i have class on that day...that's why i cannot join the concert.

Such a pity right?

I'm a sengkek (poorer) B2UTY.  :(


Someday..I will..we will meet again BEAST.. i promise to myself..

Yet, the gift is still there, in my place. the gift i should gave to you guys..

One day, it will handed to you. 
I'm sorry and hope you guys will have fun in Malaysia later..

I'm waiting for the B2UTY GATHER..
Also waiting for "I'm Sorry"
new song from BEAST


I like you the best