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Friday, May 15, 2015

Fan account - #RoyalPiratesKK

Hi's been two week since I met them in person.

And I still can't move on from Royal Pirates.

Okay now I'm gonna share few moment of interaction between me and Royal Pirates members.

Let's start from the first meeting when they arrived at the KKIA Terminal one. I might probably shared this before not now I just want to make it short and memorable.

1. They safely reach my states around 9 PM and yet me and other fans need to wait a bit since they need to go through the immigration and all. around 9.30 PM finally we able to see them from inside. They still waiting for their luggage and so on. I managed to captured few seconds video of them. I can see James, Moon and their stylist at that time but Sooyoon can't be seen yet. James look so tall even other fans also surprised with his height.

3 guys have been waiting at the same place as us and they are the bodyguard paid to take care of them, and make sure they are safe and managed to get seat on their awaited vans outside the airport. When they finally step out from the arrival hall, James is in front and he waved at my camera or I mean the place where I stood. After that I stop recording and immediately walking towards him to pass him my gift. He took it and bend his body and bow while saying kumawo (thank you) to me. Arrrhh James is so sweet. And behind him is my ultimate bias Sooyoon which is also wearing mask with James.

And I don't realize that we are walking by side. I do call his name when at first he looking down. He look at me and give me thumbs up while me capturing that moment. I could be froze at that time because we are sooo close!

And James the tall boys is lead at the front until I forgot Moon was at the back behind Sooyoon.
We sending them until their vans took off from the airport.

2. The second interaction I had with Royal Pirates during the meet and greet session. Since I won the pass, me and the other winners been taken to another place far from the venue which is located at the hotel they've been staying (Klagan residence of 1Borneo). When we reach the area I saw a lot of fans (winner from another contest) are queuing for the meet and greeting. And until our turn to see them, I felt so nervous. Because it is the second times i'm gonna met them in person after the airport encounter. 

But the meet greet session is too short I think around 5 minutes only. We stand together in group and have a group photo with them. At first, I went to Sooyoon side where I want to stand next to him, but sadly, there's a fans already took the spot. So I decide to stand in front of him (well i'm quite short) so it does not blocking them because they were tall after all. And I realize that me and Sooyoon have same color outfit which is he wearing a grey jacket and i'm wearing a grey hijab (tudung bawal). hehee coincidence much huh...

after that we have a chat for a while with the members, the other fans have a handshake with them. I try to talk a bit but at that time, a staff told us that times up and we need to leave. So I went back to them to say sorry. I think Moon heard that i said "I'm sorry that I can't have a handshake with you guys' and he nod his head. Then Sooyoon saw me and immediately reach out his hand in front of me for handshake. I mouthing sorry to him and he understand that while said it's okay and smile. Gosshh!! That smile make my heart skip a beat..really! Then I waving back to them and joining the other fans and went back to the venue.

Almost one hour of performance is worth to wait it. They really throw themselves into the showcase and I can see that they also enjoying the show and saw that the venue is full house. Fans and public are watching them at the Atrium..I'm so proud. They perform five total of songs started with Shout Out, Love Toxic, Seoul Hillbilly, Haru and they're back on the stage for encore and perform Drawing The Line English version. After that, the fansign session begin where the fans that have purchased the Love Toxic can queuing for their album to be signed by the members. 

I guess I'm queuing around 30-40 fans ahead. And no photos actually allowed and they only signed at the cover of album. I have an idea before the showcase begin where I write a question for Sooyoon. I write on a sticky notes given by Michelle that I met at the venue. 

When my turn is there, the first member I greet is Moon.
Me: Hello, we met again
Moon: Ohh you are on my team (he refer to the team at Mari mari cultural village)
Me: No. But we met during the meet and greet session. handshake.
Moon: Ahh yeah. *nodding his head while signing my album*
Me: Sorry for the earlier. Really sorry (which is I couldn't have a handshake with them)
Moon: it's okay, I'm sorry too *and smile*

Then, I moved to Sooyoon next and I can see my hand started to sweat and shaking.

Me: hi Sooyoon. You are my favorite member
Sooyoon: Oh really, thank you. *smile and showing his dimple*
I see that on James side the fans still have her album to be signed. I immediately pull over to the middle of album where my question is pasted.
Me: I have question for you *pointing at the sticky notes*
Sooyoon: look at the question, laughing and circled the answer excitedly saying 'yes!'
arr I really want to pinch his dimple at that time, but the staff caught me about the sticky notes then i thanked to him and move to James

Me: Hi James
James: Hi. *signing my album*
Me: James, you eyes gone when you smile *laughing*
James: Really, so you want my eyes to gone away? while smiling again and showing the eye candy
Me: no no I'm kidding haha *we both kidding and i bow to him after he return back my album*

I guess because too many fans at the back I need to be in hurry. My friend wait for me at the back because its time for us to homed.

3. The day of their flight to KL.. I went to the airport which is only few meters from my house around 9 AM. I waited for them and bring along my another gift for Sooyoon and I was wandering around the airport. Then I came back to the place I sat when I arrived which is facing the road, so i can clearly saw them from the inside. I was scrolling my Twitter account then I moved my head to see at the outside and bang! At that time yes, they are here together with another staffs. I immediately stood and went to them but I hesitate because I thought they must be busy with their stuffs.

So I wait for another couple of minutes because preparing my heart to approach them. I went to Sooyoon first (of course because I'm giving out my gift for him) and I feel bad for Moon and James, because I have nothing to give them. At that time, only Sooyoon wearing mask and sunglasses while Moon and James are without and only wore the glasses.

So after successfully hand over my gift, I request for a selca or the group photo with them. At first, their female staffs refused and rejecting my request and said no shooting. Because the members (of Royal Pirates) are not wearing make up. I look at Sooyoon and he smile (because I saw the smile behind the mask) and I thought to myself what's wrong with that and I'm fine with them being natural. I'm kinda upset and silent for awhile. Then I did ask the boys directly can I have a photo with them. Thank god Moon respond to me and said it's okay while nodding his head. Same goes with James. Then the staff also agreed with them since I'm the only fans at that time so it wont take much time for a photo and I give my camera to the staff. Arrh I feel so happy.

But then, I turned back and I was about to ask Sooyoon why he wearing mask. And guess what, I'm not yet asking the question HE TOOK OFF HIS MASK IN FRONT OF ME!!
Waaaaahh!! I feel like my legs gonna fall apart at that time. He took off the mask and I can see his face clearly without makeup and we're just in a few inch where I can hear his breathing. Before he realized my face turn out like a tomato, I quickly facing the staff who get ready to take our picture.

Only one photo, but I'm okay with it. The staff give back my camera and said the photo kinda dark. Hahaha I know because we are opposite the light. And she ask me to filter the photo and edit. haha the staff she is funny. But they still at the outside preparing their luggage. So I took another chance to snap the members while they still in front of me. And of course the first is my bias Sooyoon who still stood few inch from me. And he smile widely while waving at my camera. I feel that I'm gonna explode at that time remembering how close we are. T.T

And I see Moon stand near the door and I immediately call out his name. Oh this boy..He's so bright and look so happy. Maybe can't wait to see their fans in KL..haha

James.. I only got his side because he already on the step went to inside. 

While they queuing at check in counter, I was on the phone with my friend. That time, I'm wearing earphone so I can keep watching them from my place (outside the check in counter) but I can see Sooyoon was watching at my direction 

Okay you guys can claim I might be dreaming or perasan but I noticed it more than twice. When I saw him again more than 5 seconds, he was watching me (but he wore the mask again and glasses) and it looks creepy for me. lol

This is Sooyoon after few times caught watching at my direction and after finished my on call.

Haiiihh...I've got a fever straight away after sending them away to KL.. Yes a bad fever with sore throat, cough and flu. Haha I guess it because I sent them with a heavy heart. More than a week I need to fight with my voice talking to my family (my voice went crack and its hard for me to talk) 
The Royal Pirates fever still on me and I'm officially being their fans because I did signed up for their fancafe, the group I stan crazier after BEAST. (Officially sign up for their fancafe - fanclub)

For me, it was an amazing week for me because went 3 days straight seeing them in person) and plus they are very the first ever group I did a photo group (because stanning kpop artists is hard even to take photo together), strict security everywhere, even sometimes the staffs are strict and won't allows you to close to their artist for a safety.

But I'm glad, I had a beautiful memory with Royal Pirates members. I saw them arrived, I went to their showcase, have a meet greet session, got an autograph from them and got a chance to sending them at the airport bid a very last goodbye. I'm happy they are coming to my states and enjoying themselves here.

James caught in my camera

See?! He took off the mask 
and then wore it back. and wave to my camera

OMMA!!! How can I stop loving this bias-wrecker??


Please consider to coming back here in Kota Kinabalu okay. You guys can enjoy a lot of seafood here and next time got a chance to play and sight seeing in many islands in Sabah. 

Thank you for coming. Thank you for this opportunity too.

Hope Royal Pirates can achieved more in your career, had something that makes your hard work paid off. Yeah, I'm waiting until the day you guys holding your first trophy and awards.


Love from Sabah.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Royal Pirates First Showcase in Malaysia - First Stop In Sabah

Hi all. 
I'm back again continue to update about the latest Korean rock band Royal Pirates showcase in Malaysia or to be exact their first stop in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

So, where should I start? 
I mean what should I write to tell you guys how lucky I am to met this band? 
Because they are really talented, good looking and a English-speaker so I found it amazing and easy for fans and media to communicate with them.

Let's begin. My previous post is about my first encounter with all Royal Pirates member in airport right. So continue with the day of Love Toxic showcase (1st May 2015)

I woke up early in the morning around 8 AM because I want to be there a the venue earlier and I know maybe I can be lucky winner or something. Then me and friend (Bibbiey) agreed to met at bus stop the heading to 1Borneo using another bus..yeaayy We ride on a bus okay.

So once we arrived, around 11:30 AM, I said ohh still early. Let's find the stage and after I saw it i was like woooooaahhh is it for real? The stage look freaking awesome with the drum set, the spave for the guitar and it was already set up. I can't wait.. then we go t have some lunch first because we are HUNGRY!!

The awesome stage for Royal Pirates to perform

Did you guys see the white set of drummer and other at the back? 
It was the place for my bias Kim Sooyoon the drummer

Okay continue with the things happened after we finished with our lunch.

We went back to the venue which is the place for Hotlink do a few promotion such as new cell phone with a less price and so on. And one girl with green hair which is the MC for the showcase Denise Chan were also there. I saw her during the night before when Royal Pirates arrived at the KKIA airport. She has been organized few contest for fans and public to participate if they wanted to see Royal Pirates closely.

I was so excited.. I have participate and be among the first contestant join the games just to get a free passes. and actually I've got my passes already before because i'm a winner for the third prize right.

But, my aim to get a meet and greet passes. And around 4-5 PM, the fans are now entering the venue and for the free standing zone me and the hotlink winners got the stand quiet close to stage. I mean the fans at our back is far away a bit from our places. But still the 1st and 2nd winner was lucky enough because their seat is more closer and they got the chances to zoom out the boys.

Well, I am being me. Still unsatisfied and wanted to join more games. And I guess at the moment I step back to the place where the MC still play few games for fans and it for the MEET and GREET passes. I've told myself, this is your chance Mayra!

And here we go, I was in rush to be at the games zone where Denise ask a few question for fans to answer, At that time the question was to name the twitter account of Royal Pirates members James and Moonchul. I noticed that few fans are still struggle and some of them have googled their account. I immediately raise my hands up and she noticed me so I've got the chance to answer the question. And I was correct!! So  I got one point for the meet and greet session. Later on she asking for the photo (polaraid), album, the red apps for Hotlink user and once again I'm in rush to get my things done. After that, I managed to answer another question by denise about what i'm going to say to royal pirates on stage later and my answer was 'hey please produced more unique and wonderful song for your fans and what?? 

Thank you so much Denise. I'm so happy!!

The pictures of us the winner for Meet and Greet session with Royal Pirates before the showcase begin. And we have to wore the red t-shirt given by Hotlink. 
Well, after all its my favorite color, RED. ^^

After that, we went back to the venue to enjoy the showcase. I really enjoy myself watching them perform live in front of my eyes. And I took a spot really coincidence with by bias because I stand really straight towards his place of drummer. 

And let's view some picture taken by me during the showcase.

I can see my bias directly straight. hahaha <3 p="">

Haiissh... i still missed them so much..

Please consider to coming here again in Sabah okay..

Royal Pirates hwaiting!!

I like you the best