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Friday, June 7, 2013


Block B loses case against Stardom Entertainment

Block B has lost their lawsuit against Stardom Entertainment.

The boys had filed an injunction against their exclusive contract back in January. Both Block B and Stardom Entertainment had gone back and forth, with both parties claiming what the other said was false.

However, the Seoul Central Court has dismissed their request, explaining, "From the evidence provided so far, it is difficult to claim that the label purposely did not pay Block B. It is also difficult to say that the label did not provide proper facilities such as studios and dorms, and it is also difficult to say that they did not provide education and guidance. From written records, it cannot be said that Stardom Entertainment violated their management obligations."

The court added, "There is a possibility that the musical income of 430,000,000 KRW (approximately $385,000 USD) and the event income of 5,000,000 KRW (approximately $4,500 USD) was not properly taken care of. However, from just the evidence provided, it cannot be said that the label purposely kept the money from the members."

Finally, the court said, "The label has promised to pay the members the part that they have not been paid. There is a big probability that the unpaid fees will be paid. It is difficult to say that the exclusive contract has been nullified because of a violation of management obligations."


Block B releases official statement + will not be working with Stardom Entertainment again

After Block B's case in filing for a nullification for their contract was dismissed by the court, the boys have released an official statement.

The full statement reads:

First, we want to tell all the fans that love and support Block B that we are very sorry.

The court made their decision even though they accepted that about 430,000,000 KRW (approximately $385,000 USD) from the musical income and a part of the event income were left out. We believe this is because they wanted us to follow an official ruling that was decided after additional battles on the original lawsuit and thinking deeply about it.

For example, even though evidence was provided about the management contract on Japan's Bauhaus, they have mistakenly stated that it is difficult to determine if they had violated their management obligation because the contract was not submitted. There are other various decisions that the members cannot accept. One such example is saying that unlike the basic royalties paid in advance, the royalties paid in advance by LOEN Entertainment cannot be seen as income that should be paid to the members.

From this, we will be calmly fighting the original case to confirm the legitimacy of the contract nullification. We will be demanding responsibility from Stardom Entertainment of the violation of management obligation and violating the exclusive contract.

Also, the court decided, "The Block B members have fought over the status of the contract nullification while they independently promoted, so there is also a possibility that these promotions can be checked for legitimacy later."

This is because if the Block B members are blocked from promoting independently, it is violating our lawful right to work and our general right to freedom of action.

The Block B members have no intention to promote under Stardom Entertainment, so they will be preparing independent promotions. If the legitimacy of the contract nullification is not acknowledged in the original case, then we will be taking responsibility for the due damages.

We want to tell you again that we apologize for worrying our fans. The Block B members will be giving back to the fans' worries, love, and support by showing a more mature side.

Source: Newsen via Nateg


Oh gosh! their problem is not settle yet! 
My favorite derp boys please stay strong..
You guys have been through the most difficult times..

I just want to see BLOCK B that i know before to shine back on the stage

I have trust in you...
i want to see you guys again.
Please comeback again okay. BBC will wait for you.

Poor block B they always apologize when it's not even their fault
i want this tears to stop flowing.
i really missed them. 
they is the first 1dol i met in front.
they give me strength, and hope they will always stick together as 7
even it' hurts me with the statement they will preparing independent promotion.
to be honest, i just want them on stage again.
Be strong guys..

I like you the best