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Saturday, September 14, 2013

MTV World Stage 2013 (EXO line up)'s been a week after I saw them. nugu? who?
i mean the 12 wolf boys EXO!!

Sorry for not updating about MTVWS..kinda busy with classes..wuuu

Actually I came for EXO..yes For EXO i'm not able to see performance after exo ended their shows. i think far east movement or robin ticke after that.

i manage to see the 1st performance from local artist Joe Flizzow and Ila Damia..after that, the shows that each fans been waiting for including me.

You know what. this MTVWS was ongoing on Sunday (08.09.2013) but the fans start to queue and lining up from Saturday morning just because they want to be in front of the stage to see their idols. of course EXO!

no to denied, many peoples has come to the event mostly are the exo fans. because after their performance ended, fans are slowly leaving the venue. yes i admit that.
because i was there too. ^^

but, because the organizer put some rules for fans to enter the venue such s no food and drinks from outside, no umbrella (even at that time rain pouring), no camera, no laptop and so on. so i have taking some pictures but not in good quality. plus, a bit far from stage. but i still can see them.

i'm sorry for not having a good pictures.

this is from the reporter pictures. and some from the fans they manage to bring the camera with big lens without captured by the security, i don't know..even if i know, just let it be.

Credit to the owner of pictures..

That's all. have a nice weekend all 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

EXO-M Arrive in Malaysia for MTV World Stage 2013 1 for MTV World Stage 2013 live in Malaysia

Just like the past two years..Malaysia as a host for this biggest event.

I remember in 2011, they held the event in I-city, Shah Alam (I'm not here at that time), the artist performed at that year is 30 second to mars, neon tress and BEAST! yes! BEAST! and i'm not there to watch..huhu

last year, they (the organizer) MTV ASIA change the venue to Sunway Lagoon..artist to perform is KARA (KPOP), Justin Bieber and Misz Nina..well, it's not my favorite artists to be honest..

But this year, driving me crazy..because EXO is here..EXO will perform on MTV World Stage this year along with Roibn Thicke and far east movement..

How cant i not meroyan?? EXO which is one of group with the greatest success this year with their a;bum comeback XOXO..

I wanna watch baekhyun, suho, kai, sehun, chanyeol, d.o, kris, lay, chen, tao, chen and xiumin....please..huhu

Become more hectic, miserable after watching their airport pics taken from fans (Incheon)

EXO-M will be arrived in Malaysia around 10pm (malaysia time), and EXO-K will arrived in Malaysia from Philippines around 11am on the next day (sunday)

Really..i want to cry..wanna meet them

However, with a warm heart i welcoming all of you to Malaysia


 Luhan helping Tao walking

 handsome leader Kris


 Cute Xiumin


 Luhan do really like a doll here


and this is EXO-K leave Incheon for Manila



 Chanyeol again

 Leader Suho

 Kai/Kim Jongin

Adorable Suho


P/S: all the pictures credit to the owner as tagged in watermark.

I like you the best