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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eye smile..
That's how I fall in love with it :

Fact about me^^

Sultan of Selangor Cup 2012 Selangor vs Singapore..Scream the lungs out!!

Hello..happy Sunday to all..How's your weekend??Did you enjoy?

I'm enjoying myself..usually alone..alone and alone..haha never mind..i'm into it..DAH BIASA POWN

Ok..let me tell you what happen on my weekend this time..

Yesterday (29.09.2012)

Me and fellow friends attend and watching the match of football

Game between Selangor and Singapore for 2012 Sultan of Selangor Cup

This games actually is a annual games..that means setiap tahun akan berlangsung..

And this time is the 11th..

What interesting about this game?This is my first time watching football live with my friends in stadium..

(selalu tengok di rumah je) hahahaha

But it's enjoying moment!! We scream..we jump and we do support our local team

The match was played at the Shah Alam Stadium, witnessed by a crowd of 60,000.

But the games divided into two

1. Selangor Veterans vs Singapore Veterans

and the main focus

2. Selangor Selections vs Singapore Selections 

our tickets

got it free from Unisel..hehe Thank you

Here's are the result for both of games

credit to BERNAMA

what the precious moment that I couldn't forgot is I manage to see all the players in front of me

I mean the selection teams
both Selangor and Singapore



And I can interview one of the Selangor player, main focus in the teams

Mohd Roziami Abdul Rahman hihihi

He's cute..Well Sabahan too as well like me ^^

What can I say anymore??Hurrmmm

Just enjoy the picture ok :)

pics from my camera

sorry for the blurring and low of quality

 Goalkeeper of Lions (Singapore) are stretching

 trying to focus on him..but blurr!!
He's cute!! >.<

Singapore team with their coach Vedhamuthu Kanan

 We are here :p

 result for Veterans game

The game for Selections start

 The result after the end of game..yes Selangor beat Lions 

 After the ceremony..We still here not going back yet
Actually looking for someone because before 1st half break, we meet someone ask his permission to interview after game is over..but he can't be seen anywhere :(

 Team of police playing the song of Selangor

 At this time, actually i'm in a wrong place..haha yes.
I'm in the crowded of Lions (Singapore) fans
that man one of the fans
and I'm able to snap picture together with Lion fans
snap by their photographer of course! 

 The goalkeeper of i mention above, when they out for stretching in front of eyes focus only on him..WHY??because remind me of someone...ngeeee~~!!
At first, I thought oh!cute like a Japanese
But then! Bang! Yes he is Japanese..
I'm quite shock when I listen to his conversation with his friend in front of me
His name is Takuma Ito

 Another Lions player, after the game ended.and this is at Royal Suite..
the will walk on this way to their bus headed back to hotel

 Bus of Selangor team

 The coach, Mr.Irfan Bakti

 the players start to come out one by one

 JENG!JENG!JENG!The moment i'm waiting for...........
to meet him after the permission given to us


 koh..kohh.kohh..Batuk jap!
He smile to me!! 

After the interview successfully ended..even in a short time
around 3-5 minutes :(

Thanks Rozaimi..The help means a lot to us for our assignment
Yes..We came to this game because to fulfill our assignment
task given by our lecturer for News Writing

Well..another sweet moment created..

Attach another color in my life..
Thanks to all..

How about after the crop done????hahahaha
nothing more OK...Don't misunderstanding..



I like you the best