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Monday, April 30, 2012


my exam result of this semester


thank you Allah

work harder next semester

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

from my kitchen


guna manual tau..
tak pakai oven letrik

old school
guna oven atas dapur gas..huhu

maybe takla very tasty

but i'm enjoy making it

actually for my mom
she request nak minta buat and then
suh my dad bawak kan untuk beliau
*my mom keje jauh*

sebab next day ( tomorrow) 
my dad gi outstation ke Tawau
so bg kat my mom

ok..itu saje... =)

Monday, April 23, 2012



i've got good news today..err actually just now..

nak tahu tak? nak?

hehe..hepy sgt nie

and happy for my family too

my beliau a.k.a my dad bg tunjuk sumthing surat td

dgn excited p buka and baca

jeng jeng jeng!

rezeki Allah bagi

beliau terpilih juga untuk mengerjakan haji tahun nie

together with my mummy

Alhamdulillah.... dpt juga jwpn yg di tunggu2..

menunaikan haji sebagai MAHRAM utk mummy ku.. hepy yowh!

semoga semua berjalan lancar..dipermudahkan semua. Amin..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

B2ST 2nd Fan Meeting

B2ST successfully held their 2nd official fan meeting, “B2ST Fan Club B2UTY 2nd Fan Meeting“, on April 22nd at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

The group previously held their 1st official fan meeting a year ago on April 2nd with 5,000 lucky fans at Koryeo University. This year, the boys had returned with much to show to fans through a talk show format fan meeting.

With comedian Kim Shin Young as MC, the members interacted with fans through various events, special stage performances, and a surprise event where the members handed presents to several lucky fans.

Ok, actually i just read this news. Because i'm not on9 for a whole day today. something happen..hurm

By the way..congratulation B2ST!! 

But still i can't attend their fan meeting for a second time..*Hurtbutt* huhuhu

Just enjoying the picture, fancams and comments from twitter.. *sobbing harder*

Source: Newsen via Nate

resdung dan resdung..Gila! 
boleh kiuk oh..

Thursday, April 19, 2012


i'm sorry

i can't control myself
i can't control my heart

loving him

only him

can you . . .  . . . .  . 

help me???

i'm INSANE now!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - movie time

salam rabu semuanya..
sihat tak??

alhamdulillah klu sihat..

kite kat sini erm....
jap ok jap k.o

sebabnya resdung dtg balek la...

ayoyo...hidung yg merana

tapi pa pun tetap jua gagahkan diri berjalan2

wlu pn sorg diri *sebab suda besa sorg*
ayat kin muntah^^

ok..nk stori sal movie yg sy tgk hari nie

agak lama jg movie nie sda ditygkan
bru hari nie ada mood mo jln p tgk
sbb tiket murah

RM5 sejaaaaa....murah dan murah..
itu sbb sy tgu hari rabu bru p bejalan

mau mbwa yg len msing2 bz ma study. sy?? sdg bersuka ria menikmati cuti sem skrg

nah tinguk tiket sy

sy tgk movie BATTLESHIP..punya siuk..biarpn lyn movie sorg2..

best & best

lau mau rasa yg yg sy rasa jua..
p pla tgk sendiri..


p/s : 
sbnrnya msh pnt lg dr isnin  segala kudrat sda diperah
kemas bilik beliau  + cat kedai kaka kelmarinn yg coming soon dibuka 
huhu...smpt g jln kaki p karamunsing servay2 extnal hard disk
mahal! huhuu
bepikir skrg nie mau mghntr leptop yg skrin sda bangang
duit lagi....aigooooo~!
papa pun tetap enjoy k..
muka jan masam2 cm cuka nda cntik
senyum2 slalu spya tmbh kiut mcm sy ok! 


Sunday, April 15, 2012


kwn2 ku

lappy sy bermasalah suda skrg..

tgk nih!

skrin dah mcm bengong2..

kotor sana sini

mcm siaran tv tergendala pun ada jua

apa kes hah??

effect disebabkan pernah *melompat* dari meja dulu kah???

oh tidak!! 
katakan ianya TIDAK BENAR!! huhu

susah la ini macam..

klu hntr p kadai nnt kna suh format bagai..

file, dokumen pnting *video2 KPOP+ B2ST* sy belum backup lg me!!

external hard disc plz come to me!  i need u!

baby lappy sy mmg wat rusuhan skrg

suh hntr kasi baik pulih itu ini.... *no money* 

mood sedih! ok bubuii..

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Time to go..


one bag
one luggage

sy mau jalan suda..

pegi mana??

balik rumah laa...ngeee~!

waiting for my flight..
even there's technical problems it been solved already

wish for my save fight k..

bye yom!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

4MINUTE - 'Volume Up' M/V

i love 4minute..

pominit Jjang!

Volume Up official MV

Their comeback on M Countdown!

what do you think 4NIA??

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tsunami hits Indonesia 11.04.2012

lindungi kami Ya Allah...Ya Rabb..

Alert of 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Aceh.Tsunami warning out.

Peringatan Dini Tsunami di BENGKULU,LAMPUNG,NAD,SUMBAR,SUMUT, Gempa Mag:8.9SR, 11-Apr-12 15:38:29WIB, Lok:2.31LU,92.67BT,Kdlmn:10Km::BMKG

Peringatan Dini Tsunami di BENGKULU,LAMPUNG,NAD,SUMBAR,SUMUT, Gempa Mag:8.9SR, 11-Apr-12 15:38:29WIB, Lok:2.31LU,92.67BT,Kdlmn:10Km::BMKG 

Sumber : 

Twitter rasmi BMKG - Informasi Cuaca Iklim dan Gempa Bumi
di Indonesia - Badan Meteorologi Klimatologi dan Geofisika


Waves from possible tsunami forecast to reach Banda Aceh at 09:30 GMT, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says 

pray for safe..

Lindungi hamba Mu Ya Allah..


Opening Cube Studio

Cube Entertainment has announced that they have opened the doors to a new personal studio for their artists to mark the start of a brand new adventure together!

On April 10th, CEO Hong Seung Sung and his artists, 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, and BtoB all gathered to celebrate the opening of ‘Cube Studio’. Leaders from each respective group stood alongside their CEO to cut the tape for the grand opening. Although Cube Entertainment was established in 2008, this will be their first private studio where they will be using it as a foundation for their global marketing strategies.

Hong Seung Sung stated, “I created this place to instill a sense of bravery in our artists to help the Korean entertainment industry become one of the best. I hope that this studio will be the start of K-Pop transcending Asia and taking place all over the world.”

‘Cube Studio’ will be aiding singers and musicians to better grow and advance with their skills. The studio will include facilities dedicated to the areas of vocal, composition, performance, production, and choreography training. A special cafe for artists to be able to sit down and communicate with their fans will also be included in the studio. All profits from the cafe will be donated to charities of the company’s choice.

He continued, “Without communication, nothing can be achieved. I want this location right here to be a stepping stone in advancing the entertainment industry.”

Doojoon also stated, “I’m grateful that a lot of people came and are anticipating a lot from this. Three years ago, Kikwang came as the only trainee, and has now become a member of so many new artists today. This deeply moves me.”
Jihyun concluded, “By seeing more family members join and the company grow, I’m filled with thoughts of working even harder. Please look forward to BtoB and 4minute’s broadcast activities.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

Hong 아빠 ! 축하 해요!!^^

Cube Entertainment such a great company..
Cube Family always the best..

I wish one day I will drop by at the cafe..

one day...i will.. Hong 아빠, 날 기다려..^^


view of cafe..inside outside.
pray for me to arrived here ok


Lot's of love,
Hika Mayra

Sunday, April 8, 2012

What inspires you about Korea?



Woohoo...special entry this time


just read ok..

actually I just saw this contest on Facebook..

what kind of contest?

Touch Korea Tour Blog Contest

Touch Korea Tour Blog Contest

What inspires you about Korea? 

Korea always mede me jump in excitement.

Actually the most inspired me about Korea is the culture. I found something interesting and unique about Korean culture, and because of that i love to learn the culture and feel the experience bymyself. To be honest, i'm totally a Kpop fans.. believe it? depends on. But yeah that's me. This is me.  I love Korea so badly. since kid, i'll already exposed and start to like Korea by watching Korean drama such as Winter Sonata, Iris and so on. 

Nowadays, internet is the most important things to all. can't deny it. and fortunately for me, from the internet i can stalk everything that related to Korea, mostly the idol until the Korean hallyu wave a spread around the world.

I'm always imagine to myself, i'm in a Korea, feel the environment, having a wonderful life there. but from Tv also i can experience it. KBS World. it's more than worth it. many information i can get from there.I love how the Tv show introduce their many beautiful place to visit. just like 2days 1night, Korea Today and many more..uurgh! so much things to say when it comes about Korea including their place, their culture, their people.

nice view right?

The place i really want to go...ㅠ ㅠ

Korea always the best things, the best topic for me to talk to share my view of that country. Korea give me such a big impact.from the food, the interesting place always made my heart race fast and fast.. so excited am i??  I start to learn the language by attending Korean Language Class organized by Korea Plaza KL. so many experience through this organization. you will be impress just like me. 

once i have a chance to go to Korea, i want to taste the delicious food, the real one there such as Kimchi, bibimbap, ddeokbokki, jajangmyeon, and many more.

aaarrrhh....seing this picture made me hungry!

last but not least..the Kpop hallyu i said earlier, i'm a big fans of Kpop, the idol and of course i want to meet my favourite idol face to face that impressed me with their talents. such a big star like 2pm, B2ST, Miss A, and others. I want to feel it by myself..

Hopefully i'm the lucky one. I'm the one should win and bring me to Korea immediately to experience it.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Journalism

Happy wednesday..

Are you happy today? me? not so good.. my lappy start to cause some trouble..
fortunately, next week i'm going back to my hometown, so i can fixed it..


topic for today is JOURNALSIM..

have you ever think what kind of journalism do? are you curious?
are you interested to know?

actually i shared this topic because it related to my curses that i'm taking now
Journalism courses..

You should know

What is "Journalism?"

Journalism is a form of writing that tells people about things that really happened, but they might not have known about already. Journalists might work at newspapers, magazines, and websites or for TV or radio stations. The most important characteristic shared by good journalists is curiosity. Good journalists love to read and want to find out as much as they can about the world around them.

There are three main ways to gather information for a news story or opinion piece :
  • Iterview : Talking with people who know something about the story you are reporting.
  • Observation : Watching and listening where the news is taking place.
  • Documents : Reading stories, reports, public records and other printed material.

The people or documents you use when reporting a story called your "sources". In your story, you always tell your readers what sources you've used. So you must remember to get the exact spelling of all your sources names. You want everything in your story to be accurate, including the names of the sources you quote.

Often, a person's name is not enough information to identify them in a news story. Many people have the same name, so you will also want to write down your sources ages, their hometowns, their jobs and any other information about them that is relevant to the story.

Whenever you are interviewing someone, observing something happening or reading about something, you will want to write down the answers to the 5W questions below :

  1. Who are they?
  2. What were they doing?
  3. Where were they doing it?
  4. When they do it?
  5. Why did they do it?

Many good reporters start by keeping a diary. Buy a notebook, and start jotting down anything intersting you hear, see or read each day. You might be suprised to discover how many good stories you encounter each week! hehe....

Here are the keys to writing good journalism :
  • Get the facts - all the facts you can.
  • Tell your readers where you every bit of information you put in your story.
  • Be honest about what you do not know.
  • Don't try to write fancy. Keep it clear.

Start your story with the most important thing that happened in your story. This is called your "lead." It should summarize the whole story in one sentence.

From there, add details that explain or illustrate what's going on. You might need to start with some background or to "set the scene" with details of your observation. Again, write the story like you were telling it to a friend. Start with what's most important, then add background or details as needed.

When you write journalism, your paragraphs will be shorter than you are used to in classroom writing. Each time you introduce a new source, you will start a new paragraph. Each time you bring up a new point, you will start a new paragraph. Again, be sure that you tell the source for each bit of information you add to the story.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BTOB - Monday to Sunday

ok.. I start to like BTOB so much
but not much and much like i fall in love with B2ST..


Btob was release their mini album 
early in April
that means recently

contain 4 songs

1. Imagine
2. Insane
3. Born to Beat
4. Monday to Sunday

to be honest i love all of their song
start from Insane, Imagine
and now Monday to Sunday

it's a catchy song
try to listen first and you will know

here's the lyric


Yo, just thought I’d let you know No matter what day of the week it is, You’re the only girl on my mind c’mon!nae nuneul bol ttae ttokkachi marhal ttae neol cheongmal anaju-go shipeosseo na imanhamyeon eottae? ni namjaron eottae? ttan aedeulboda neoreurakkyeojul keoya neowah hamkke-hal keoya eonjena neohanaman bollae

Sunday, Monday to Sunday! bogo tto bogo shipeo Monday, Sunday to Monday! jakku tto bogo shipeo mae-irachimeul nan neowah nuntteu-go shipeo ni-ga isseo komawo Monday to Sunday

Now I think it’s time girl oh! wol, hwah, su, mok, keum, to nun tteumyeon ni saenggakbu-teo ilyoirachime-neun neowah hamkke nuntteo uri du-reul seoknneundamyeon hwahnsangye Collabo neol wiihae bureul Bravoan cha-khaedo dwaeh dodohamyeon eottae nae-gen an geurae keuraeseo kkok yakso-khae neohanaman jigillae eonjena neohanaman bollae

Sunday, Monday to Sunday! bogo tto bogo shipeo Monday, Sunday to Monday! jakku tto bogo shipeo mae-irachimeul nan neowah nuntteu-go shipeo ni-ga isseo komawomarhaet-janha keugeot bwah ni gyeote it-janha nae mameural-janha neo-ye-ge eou-llineun saram keurae na yeo-gi it-janhaije nan modu ni kkeoya eonjena neohanaman bollae

Sunday, Monday to Sunday! bogo tto bogo shipeo Monday, Sunday to Monday! jakku tto bogo shipeo mae-irachimeul nan neowah nuntteu-go shipeo (nuntteu-go shipeo)

ni-ga isseo komawo Monday to Sunday

Sunday, Monday to Sunday! (Every shingle day you ma-ge my heart sway) Monday, Sunday to Monday! (Every day I honjaran geon byeollonikkan) mae-irachimeul nan neowah nuntteu-go (nuntteu-go shipeo) shipeo ni-ga isseo komawonawah hamkke isseojwo Monday to Sunday

p/s :
i'm still a B2UTY!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Voice!

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hello reader's..

Presenting you

scroll down


The Voice!

What is this?

Actually this is our or exactly my university newspaper

Finally our own newspaper officially printed out

i'm so proud.....


Because this news produced by faculty of communication and media
which is my faculty
and team by under my programmed
Bachelor of Journalism

Yes. this is made by journalism student including me

and other reason why made me happy

I was one of the writer's for this newspaper

let's z0om....


my article

back page

that's all from me..


I like you the best