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Sunday, June 16, 2013

BEAST - B2UTY GATHER (gift for fans)

Hello B2uties and readers..
How's your weekend? I'm a bit busy with this new semester.

1st week of lectures, assignment already waiting to be done. uhukuhuk....ok stop.

Yesterday (15.06.2013) BEAST had their moment with fans in event called B2UTY GATHER

k-B2uties are so lucky..

Can meet their idol anytime..uhuuu T__T

I just only can enjoy the moment by fancams, tweets, pictures from those who attend the event

Thanks to BEAST, CUBE, papa Hong (CEO) for organized the event

The fans especially us, feel thankful because the boys is still make some time for B2UTY
even they are busy preparing for comeback, new album and concert.

They have sang their latest song 'WILL YOU BE ALRIGHT' and 'IM SORRY' special and first time for fans at the B2UTY GATHER

If i went there, i must be crying a lot like a baby..because for me BEAST OT6 is so precious.

Still, more details for upcoming comeback on July will be revealed on Beautiful Show concert next month.

By the way, this is the new song from them I'm Sorry.
they have perform live for first time.

Patiently waiting okay fellow fans. and you too Mayra.


see ya next time :)

I like you the best