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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

B2ST come up with I'm Sorry official MV

Hello readers..

just a short entry this time

BEAST - 'I'm Sorry (Teaser)' 

After teasing B2UTY (fans) with a short video of I'm Sorry previously,

 B2ST now fully release the official music video for their new digital song.

Photo Credit: Cube Entertainment

On June 19, B2ST released the music video for I’m Sorry, capturing everything from the practice to the actual performance during the Gather Around B2UTY Party event on June 15. 

The music video highlighted the 10,000 fans that came to watch B2ST perform at Maru Park in Gangnam.

Here a few screen caps from the official to the owner of pictures.

Are you happy with this surprise? 
Everyday CUBE dropped a bomb and give B2uties an heart attack

But at the, we are crying together, enjoying the music video, with a beautiful feeling

I don't know how to describe how much i loved them 

Just.. Can't..

I'm glad to be part of this beautiful fandom, meeting the 6 lovely boys..
In this mv, you can see clearly how close they are.. their bonds..their relationships

BEAST OT6 is not just a member, but a family..

There's a scene taht capturing my heart and made me ended up in tears

How the members are concern about each other..

In case, the maknae Dongwoon are tired, Yoseob giving a pat on his back, the leader gives a massage and support the youngest member.

It's so precious..This MV is so or for me too good.
They also shoot the beautiful fans that attending the B2UTY the girls enjoy to be part on the music video..

We love BEAST..We love CUBE Entertainment..We love Papa hong

by me Hika Mayra

I like you the best