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Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Encounter - Royal Pirates

Hi. Assalamualaikum. 

I got to see another Kpop idol in my states..



Walllaaaahh~~!! I'm so excited to see them at the airport.

Yeah..that's the place of my first encounter with Royal Pirates members
James, Moonchul and Sooyoon.

Serius. Sampai sekarang masih rasa tak percaya. Sebab ada kisahnya.

Actually, showcase dorang kat Sabah ni which is Love Toxic showcase organized by Hotlink Malaysia. And Hotlink made a contest for fans to participate to win the passes access to the venue later.

Aku dengan rasa teruja nya post la image, post video kat instagram berharap diri ni begitu bertuah untuk menang mana-mana pass..sebab target nak menang experience session (boleh hangout together) dengan member Royal Pirates tu.

So exactly a month before showcase, aku dah mula post gambar tu (based on rules/condition created by Hotlink) dan last minute before contest tamat, baru la aku semangat nak buat video post untuk yang prize no.1 tadi tu (hangout session).

Then lepas da contest tu tamat dalam few days before showcase, winner list dah update..check punya check aku failed menang 1st prize..then rezeki dapat menang pass untuk 3rd prize..okay la kan..means aku dapat pergi showcase tu..hehe baru nak cerita pasal encounter tu hah..
Royal Pirates punya flight dari Korea to Kuala Lumpur (transit maybe?) dalam jam 6 petang begitu baru flight ke Kota Kinabalu Sabah (arrived in 8:50 PM)

Aku da sibuk plan buat placecard semua, nak jemout dorang kat KKIA sebab memandangkan airport hanya la berapa meter ja dari rumah. (and yes, i am walking to the airport dalam jam 7 dah gerak)
Crazy? i dont care la orang fikir apa, sebab ni kiranya first time kerja gila lepas balik KK sebab sebelum ni pegi kpop event kat KL ja.

Sampai kat airport dalam jam 7.30 PM..makaaaihh lama lagi tunggu flight sampai jam 9 sempat lagi jumpa supervisor masa praktikal di RTM dulu. bila kena tanya tunggu siapa aku jawab tunggu kawan sampai..haha cliche punya jawapan..padahal tunggu retis kpop.

And thankfully about half hour later few fans da sampai nak jemput dorang..even tak rasanya dalam 15 orang macam tu ja.. then sampai la jam 9 tu..time to out from arrival this time I felt totally nervous..
More people gather at the outside..
Orang da makin banyak tunggu kat luar tu sebab ada flight yang baru sampai penumpang-peumpang tu tengah tunggu bas dorag sampai..pelik la dorang kenapa ramai bebudak dengan kamera placecard semua menunggu ni. bila bagitau ada artis kpop datang ahh makcik dgn bebudak dari KL pun sibuk nak join sambut..tu yang buat airport crowded at that time.

My gift for them

 A messy place card for them to see..hahaha

And this time I can see them from outside the arrival hall

Finally they out from the hall..I can see them clearly in front of be very honest before this my mind focused on James because he got the eye-smile that captivated me even I kept looking for Sooyoon since the Drawing The Line promotion..But that night, yeaahh it's confirmed. 
Sooyoon totally became my forever bias and favorite member.

Thanks to James oppa becase he took the gift that I gave to him..He's totally sooooo tall! Omg!
I need to lifted up my head when I talked to him. And he say 'Kumawo' after took my gift..Melting? Of course..

BUT...After James who's lead and walk at the front I was walking beside my confirmed-bias-wrecker Sooyoon oppa. I called and said hello to him and he respond to it. Then I snap a picture of him and guess what? he give me thumbs up..

He noticed me!!!
Ommaa! Nasib tak pengsan masa tu..Even nampak mata ja..haha

I got James back view there..and this..huuu he wave to me but my picture turned out to be blur..

And I forgot about Moonchul oppa at the back..after Sooyoon oppa because he so tiny (I mean Sooyoon and James a little taller than him) jadi tak perasan dia kat belakang.

So not may pics for their arrival since they walk very faster to their van awaits outside. I try to record their face when they enter the van, but its too dark! Then once again I failed! 

And I got only this for Moonchul oppa picture from the arrival hall..

So it was a very good start for me. Met them at the airport, give my small present to them, got to talked to the members, snap a few picture.

I guess that all for now..I will update the picture and the things happen on the day of Love Toxic showcase.

Thank you for reading. 

Royal Pirates daebak! ^^

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Royal Pirates event in KK

Hai. Hello and Assalamualaikum. It's been a while my blog being silent. 

Haha..kinda busy with life but still jobless. Sounds weird huh? Well. Memang belum dapat kerja lagi tapi menyibukkan diri la kea suruh jaga niece, ulang alik kejap stay Ketiau, kejap kat Petagas.

Hurmm..okay.. lemme share something. There's something good gonna happen on this Friday.

Guess what?? Yaa I know its public holiday and other than that, a rock band all the way from Korea will be held showcase here in Kota Kinabalu...Yes! At my hometown. I'm so happy.

Do you know who they are? it;s ROYAL PIRATES! 

The members is James Lee, Moonchul and Sooyoon

To be honest, its rare to have KPOP artists to perform here in Sabah and I can count how many are coming here. But recently, Ailee and Davichi just come to perform for a private event in Sutera Harbour. AIA Korea event if not mistaken.

So, another artists came here just amused me. They choose Sabah first then fly to Kuala Lumpur for their event there on Sunday. sooo excited. Its been a long time I didn't attend any Kpop showcase or concert. rindu!

Organized by Hotlink Malaysia.

I don't know if I'm able to meet them tomorrow because their flight scheduled to arrived in KK on tomorrow night.

I really wanna see them and watch the event with my eyes.

Okay let's see their profile

~ Member Profile ~

Stage Name: Moon

Birth Name: Kim Moon Chul

English Name: Andrew Kim

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer

Birth Date: September 2, 1988

Height: 177 cm

Blood Type: O


Specialties: Writing, arranging and composing music

Trivia: – Although he has lived in America for about ten years, his hometown is in Incheon, South Korea
– He states that the meaning for their band’s name is to represent the juxtaposition of the rock genre they specialize in to mirror the double-sided world of their music, meaning that they want to connect the “royal” lineage of rock-stars past with the freedom and spirituality of modern “pirates” to create a lineage that transcends time
– He is quoted for say this: “I won’t say what needs to be said but say what needs to be heard”
– He describes himself as adventurous, sarcastic, and evil all at the same time
– He can also play the bass, the drums, and the piano
– He is deathly afraid of insects, especially cockroaches and praying mantises
– He has been singing since the age of thirteen
– His favorites bands are Muse and Coldplay
– Besides speaking English, he can also speak Japanese fluently
– Ever since grade-school, he has mastered hard rock, modern rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, electronica, J-Rock, Brit-pop, and various other genres of music, all while forming his own style in the process
– He doesn’t like to eat any kind of “fishy” food, both raw and cooked
– He was inspired to become a singer after watching “The Titanic”, and grew up as a huge fan of Celine Dion

Stage Name: Sooyoon

Birth Name: Kim Soo Yoon

Nickname: TV (because of his broad shoulders)

Position: Drummer, Vocalist, Maknae, Songwriter, Composer

Birth Date: December 17, 1989

Height: 181 cm

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Playing Pokemon video games and watching movies

Specialties: Fashion

Trivia: – His hometown is Seoul, but he has lived in the U.S. for about ten years
– He is quoted for having said this: “I don’t have enough talent to be a special artist. But I do have greater passion”
– He can also play the bass and the guitar, which he has been playing since he was fourteen. He also has been playing the drums since he was thirteen
– He has a strong sense of a sweet tooth, and he especially loves chocolate
– He is a secret video game nerd and has played all of the Pokemon games
– Because he is an avid Pokemon fan, he is also a huge fan of Pikachu
– He dislikes rainy weather the most
– He assists Moon in arranging most of their music
– He has an eye for style and the chic
– He has written and composed his own solo songs titled “One Hundred Roses” and “Like Butterflies”
– He has been a regular on Arirang’s “K’ poppin” Radio Show ever since April
– His band members claim him to be an “experimental” cook
– He has a fear of seeing dead animals/roadkill

Stage Name: James

Birth Name: Lee Joo Hyun

English Name: James Joo Hyun Lee

Position: Bass, Vocalist

Birth Date: June 9 , 1988

Height: 190 cm

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Exercising and playing sports

Specialties: Modeling

Trivia: – His hometown is Los Angeles, California in America, where he was also born
– He was the last member to join the group on September 20th of 2009, introduced to Moon and Sooyoon through a mutual friend
– He used to be a member of the metal band Azusa, starting at the age of sixteen. He later on became the frontman for the band The Clear and Conscious
– Korean is his second language
– He is quoted for saying this: “Sometimes it’s good to slow down and practice being present” 
– He has been playing the bass since the sixth grade
– He can also play six-string guitar and has been playing the trumpet since fourth grade
– His favorite type of food is Mexican, and loves burritos
– He is well known for his intellect and for being a true food addict
– He was previously a server at Sushi Kamon in the City of Industry, California and was an intern at Music Saves Lives. He also worked as a data entry abstracter for a private company in a Los Angeles recording office
– He admits to knowing most of the English speaking idols in the K-Pop industry, including Peniel, Eric Nam, Ailee, Amber, Jackson, Bekah, and Kevin. He also knows Arden Cho fromTeen Wolf and popular YouTuber Jenn Im from clothesencounters
– He has filmed multiple CFs (like the Shinhan Card App CF) and frequently models in advertisements (he also notably worked with the female contestants of America’s Next Top Model in March of 2014)
– He attended California State University, where he majored in Communications and Entertainment


Stage Name: Richard

Birth Name: Kim Moon Chan

English Name: Richard Kim

Position: Bassist

Birth Date: October 4, 1986

Trivia: – He died on April 11, 2008 from a car accident along with two other friends of the band, David Chung and Daniel Kim

– He was Moon’s brother

– After his death, Moon and Sooyoon decided to change the band’s name from Fading From Dawn to the Royal Pirates (because it just wasn’t the same without Richard), and they added member James



See you guys very soon Royal Pirates. Hope that I can make it.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Brownies oreo coklat tanpa telur


Ok kali ni nak kongsi resepi brownies yang dah lama teringin nak buat cuma tak sempat dan kekangan masa + bahan-bahan belum lengkap.

Ni pun kejap lagi nak berangkat stay kat rumah satu lagi (amboiii ayat bikin panas)
Rumah kedua la kiranya. Kejap sana, kejap rumah kat sini.

Sebenarnya dalam keadaan yang kurang sihat sekarang ni yelaa semua maklum Mesia ni musim panas macam dah tahap kritikal sampaikan sana sini kes hutan terbakar sebab kering sangat, panas yang buat nak berendam dalam kolam. Tekak ni rasa gatal yang macam setiap masa nak digaru..eih

Teringat iklan kat tv yang ada garu tekak guna tangan masuk kat dalam mulut..haha

Baiklah kembali pasal brownies..godek-godek blog sebab tekak orang sakit mengidam punya pasal, sekali terjumpa blog Yana Shaiful ada kongsi resepi brownies yang mudah sangat. Bahan pun simple, mana yang takda di dapur zzzaap terus keluar pi kedai beli apa yang patut.

Resepi brownies dari akak Yana ni sangat sangat senang dan cepat nak disiapkan. Yang bestnyee eggless atau pun tanpa telur. Konon nak gaya sihat sikit laaa...hehee dah ready nak buat? meh kita scan bahan-bahan apa yang nak diguna dan cara buat.. Minta halal resepi ye kak..

Resepi : Kak Fida @ MyR
Sumber cuci mata :yanashaiful


1 cawan tepung gandum
1 sk tepung jagung
1/2 sk bicarbonate of soda
1/8 sk garam halus
3/4 cawan gula 
(saya kurangkan 1/2 cawan dan ganti dengan gula pasir blend halus macam gula icing)
1/2 cawan serbuk koko


1 cawan susu cair
2 sb susu manis
1/4 cawan mentega cair/minyak sayur
1 sk esen vanilla


Kekacang atau choc chip utk tabur

(saya ubah kepada oreo  yang saya tumbuk halus tabur atas adunan)


  • Ayak bahan A dalam sebuah mangkuk.
  • Satukan bahan B dalam mangkuk berasingan.
  • Masukkan A ke dalam B dan kacau perlahan lahan hingga sebati.
  • Tuang adunan ke dalam loyang yang disapu mentega dan dialas dengan kertas. 
  • Tabur kekacang atau choc chip rata2. 
  • Bakar pada suhu 160c selama 25 - 30 minit.
  • Adunan brownies ni jugak sesuai dibakar didalam cawan kertas. 
  • Isikan adunan sehingga 3/4 cawan kertas. bakar selama 20 minit.

Ni kejadian bila dah petang baru semangat nak buat...sudahnya lepas Maghrib baru siap dibakar dan siap dengan topping sekali iaitu sos karamel..Senang sangat nak dibuat..

Resepi asal dari Delima Zamrud


1 cawan gula
1 cawan air
2 sudu besar butter
1/2 cawan susu segar
2 sudu besar susu pekat manis
secubit garam.

Cara2 nk masak (sumber gambar dari blog beliau)

Masukkan air dan juga gula masak sampai gula jd caramel seperti dalam gambar ( xperlu kacau just biarkan dia masak sendiri je, tp perlu tgk supaya xhangit sgt ). Jgn terlampau gelap nnt dia pahit. ( kena tunggu ngan sabar ek, lg satu jgn sesekali terkena tangan tau benda nie terlampau panas)

Bila gula dah jd caramel, tutup api dan masukkan butter kacau ngan whisk tanpa henti sampai butter cair.
( Jgn risau kalau benda nie meruap kacau je pelan2 ).

Biler butter dah cair tuang susu segar dan susu pekat perlahan2 sambil kacau. Buka api yg perlahan semula dan kacau sampai kepekatan yg korang nk (xyah pekat sgt sbb nnt sejuk dia likat sendiri ). Tunggu biler dia dah agak suam2 tuang dalam bekas yg korang suker dan simpan dalam peti ais. Jgn risau kalau masuk peti ais dia keras, cuma kluarkan dan biar seketika nnt dia lembut balik. Siap tuk dihidangkan..

Hasil sos karamel saya pula dah selamat di atas brownies..santai malam minum bersama kopi..

Terbabas juga la niat nak diet. Kemanisan brownies yang empuk ni tahap potong kaki dah..
*nangis sambil sumbat masuk sepotong brownies dalam mulut*

Selamat mencuba warga bloggers dan readers. 
Terima kasih kerana membaca entri ini. =)

I like you the best