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Monday, May 9, 2011

yeaah..finally..BEAST comeback ^_^

Beast comeback, about the new album release


Hello . cube is entertainment .

Many people were expecting nine was a bright morning . And every day the sun shine the brightest will be rewarded I think we should wait for the morning, too .

Beast of the comeback came up in front of you , busy as a cube and a bright morning and night ,arousal is filled with anticipation .

First , the Beast will be the first studio album ' Beast regular one house ' the following five Mon 17days ( Tues ) will be released on .

Of much speculation and anticipation ahead of release, Washington , was clear as ever greater enthusiasm and commitment of members to have a high quality album that will be waiting for you .

This album a whole , or several books to novels as long as you can see the entire album in a span of storytelling can have a dramatic composition . In addition, existing on the Beast with unexpected intensity variations of the sound has doubled over the refined feeling .

Second , today (9), AM's official website announced a comeback after notice to the patient's comeback city paenyeoreobundeuleul BEAST BEAST teaser site for the surprise will be open .

 The first story begins on a new album Beast of the teaser site 
Beast's official ) 에서 열립니다.

 Thank you.

source - Cube Entertainment

BEAST will make their comeback on 17th may.

A year and 7 months after debuting,the boys will release their first ever full-length album.

Mark your calendar for an incredible comeback from the BEAST boys,anticipating their comeback?

-already done mark my calendar..OMOO...can't wait to see them....DAEBAK!!

I like you the best