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Thursday, April 28, 2011

start to like them (B1A4)

ada yg dah knl ngn boy band yg baru debut nie?
group nie mmg msh baru lagi dlm industri muzik Korea..
dan tetibe aku tertarik utk knl tntg mereka
aku saje nk berkongsi dengan kamu semua..

jom skodeng!

B1A4 (Korean: 비원에이포) is a five member South Korean boy band founded by WM Entertainment in 2011. The band consists of Jinyoung (leader), Baro, Gongchan, Sandeul, and CNU (Shin Woo). They have gained much interest due to being first introduced in a webtoon and for their unique sound mixing pop with rock for their debut album. Their group name, B1A4, has been explained as being due to one member having B blood type, and the other four having A blood type. It also stands for "Be The One, All For One"<-------- ( i love this one)


2011: Debut 'O.K'

B1A4 debuted on April 21, 2011 with their debut track 'O.K' off of their album 'Let's Fly' and released a music video. They were first introduced to the world through the creative marketing of webtoons before their actual pictures were released.Their debut album 'Let's Fly' includes a song written and composed by the leader Jinyoung.As rookies, this garners much interest being that most debut albums contain little input from the members. They made their live debut on April 23, 2011 on MBC's Music Core.



Jinyoung - Leader, Lead Vocalist

Birth Name: Jung Jin Young (정진영)
  Born in: 1991.11.18
  Blood type: A
  Height/Weight: 178cm/59kg
  Skills: Song writing, singing, acting
  Sign: Scorpio

CNU - Vocalist, Rapper

Birth Name: Shin Dong Woo (신동우)
  Born in: 1991.06.16
  Blood type: A
  Height/Weight: 182cm/64kg
  Sign: Gemini

Baro - Main Rapper

Birth Name: Cha Sun Woo (차선우)
  Born in: 1992.09.05
  Blood type: B
  Height/Weight: 178cm/63kg
  Sign: Virgo

Sandeul - Main Vocalist

Birth Name: Lee Jung Hwan (이정환)
  Born in: 1992.03.20
  Blood type: A
  Height/Weight: 178cm/62kg
  Sign: Pisces

  • Gongchan - Maknae, Vocalist

Birth Name: Gong Chan Shik (공찬식)
  Born in: 1993.08.14
  Blood type: A
  Height/Weight: 181cm/60kg
  Sign: Leo

kalau nak tgk MV dorang tekan je link tu..

they've already successful debut..want to see more of them in future^ ^

kab0nye...Malaysia pun dah ade group ala-ala mereka yg kt Korea tu jg..ala-ala KPOP gtu..yg dipanggil MPOP??hmm nice to say tp  nmpk sgt mcm meniru xpela bangga juga dgr Malaysia pn mampu utk tubuhkan group mcm dorang jg..yg aku bru skodeng group GULA GULA, P.O.P, V.I.P, 24:7..erm bley thn jg still xbley bndingkan mereka dgn group KPOP yg sedia ada..msh baru lg rsanya belum debut pun..harap ok la jugak ye!klu aku berminat ada la jg entry nk memperkenalkan mereka-mereka yg disebutkan tu...(kalau ye)hahahahaha..


I like you the best