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아름다운 친구

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today is the funeral for Hyunseung father..

Hope he will be more stronger after this..

B2ST also attend LG Dream Festival tonight but without him..

Somehow, I feel thankful to CUBE because understanding the situation that Hyunseung and his family had to face now..

But sooner later, Hyunseung will back again for B2UTY, will smile again for us and showed that he is doing well.

OT6 is real and I'll always believe that.

The boys always there for Seung to lend their shoulders and wipe his tears..

Hyunseungie, don't cry for what is lost..Smile for what still remains..

Yes your family, B2ST, B2UTY and your future..

Jang appa always with you..

In your heart..

It's hurt to see your serious expression 

I just want to see his PRECIOUS SMILE back
That's all

One day..yes soon he will smile again.

I like you the best