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아름다운 친구

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Midnight Sun album is here!

Alohaa..back again :)

neomu chuwahae (so happy)

got my midnight sun normal version today..even a bit late because got my LE first.. but never mind

i thought i got Seung PC because that sis (i'm buying from someone) said that only Dujun and Seung PC left..
so i talk to her i'm ok with the pc the she give it to me..

Before this, she ask permission to all her customers to open the album 
if they want to know who's pc they will get..and give her permission to open my album
but when i received my album, it still fully wrap and then i know she's not open mine
and i got Dujun photocard..yes Dujun is handsome.. @_@

now i have to version of B2ST 5th mini album (Midnight Sun)

Rolling on the floor..


 ok stop mumble and give you some credit..but credit to me..hahaha

Midnight Sun preview from Hika Mayra

[Normal version]

[Limited edition]

 The poster (indoor)
 this is mine

the poster (outdoor)
 it's not mine.. but one of my friend

Both of mine
LE + Normal version 

..poster normal version will arrive soon in tube..

I like you the best