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Saturday, February 23, 2013

BAP back with One Shot

Hello my readers..and the silent one too
I'm back here again.
have you heard the latest song from BAP?? Especially you Babyz??

Yes..BAP is back now with another album called One Shot

credit to ggogle :)

and their promotion song is also One Shot..It's a nice song..really!!
The song has a strong beat, and if you watch the MV you will be suprise with the ending..hahaha

The One Shot MV


One Shot is a very cool sounding song, and in the way that the choreography has similarities with Warrior in terms of fierceness, it is possible to draw some parallels from One Shot to Warrior in terms of song meaning and a no-holds-barred approach to such a strong song vibe. It has a great mix of rapping and singing that work so well together, and an unusual mix of sound clips of guns firing mixed in with choirs singing that just layer together to create a unique sound and feel that leave you feeling epic after hearing it.

One Shot has a very catchy chorus with some English lines that will have people singing and humming along even without fully knowing all the word. This should appeal to non-Korean speakers as it gives them a part of the song to feel included in, and it will become a much more memorable and likeable song if they can sing along to it to an extent.

I know BAP is not really good in english, but i like the way Yongguk express the English style in his rap..

What can I say about the MV..If you want to know watch first..hehehe

screencap from the video
Daehyun stop making face like that!!

Bangguk has a strong character here...his expression on this MV looks real..
please be an actor one day soon 


I like you the best