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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sincerely apologize by me Hikamayra

i know too many people are mad with me now for what happened, and especially my post on blog, twitter and tumblr. i want to clarify all the things.

1. about the VIP pass. yes i got the pass from the VIP person who left the events. but for your information (fans and BBC) i didn't mean to steal or snatch your chance to meet Block B for autograph session. i want that pass for me to watch and their performance in a closer distance. that's all. i still have a normal brain to think.

2. about the autograph session. ok i think this is the worse thing. fans are blaming me for cutting their line. what happen is after the encore i still stand at the side of stage. because i want to see block b at the backstage. and at that time, i saw a long queue at the backstage, the security closed the gate. i thought that's the winner for the autograph session. i just stand there with other fans. after that, i heard a lot of screaming from the back and saw fans from outside start rushed to the stage. and there are people stand where i'm standing. more and more fans came to my side forcing security to screaming at us to step back until the other security come with the gate from back to blocked us.

i don't realize where am i standing after the security bringing in the gate. people are 
keep pushed me to the crowded people at the side. then i was alone, i try to sneak out. i mean the sneak out is not trying to cut your line, but i was being pushed again until i saw security in front of me and yelled "TWO LINES!", i don't get it what happen until the fans behind me rushing force me at the line. then i realize i'm in the line for the autograph.
to be honest, i dont even know the winners of contest for autograph session is being locked up other places, because i thought the long queue i saw before is them. one of them is my senior in my college and i must be facing her anytime in college. but i don't want this guilty feeling overshadow me. 
i didn't prepare anything for the autograph session, i didn't bring any poster, i also didn't get the poster from KWC staff because they are giving away block b poster for fans at there. i only got 2 pieces of paper picture of Jaehyo and P.O and let their sign on P.O picture.

3. about forcing Jaehyo to wear my bracelet. fans might think i'm forcing him based on my post. i'm being honest here, Block B is my first kpop artist i met. when their debut, i'm a BBC but not for a long time because B2ST is so strong into me. but when i heard and read the info that they are coming to Malaysia, i got excited to see them in front of me. as a Kpop fans, i do support kpop artist and try to attend their events. since Block B came here, and Jaehyo is 1st bias in Block B i'm happy that i manage to see them for real. but poor me didn't prepare any gift. the choki choki i decide to give also i bought last minute. so i decide to give my bracelet to him. and for asked him to wear at that time, it's automatically respond from me. but i dont use the harsh and rude tone to him. that's the only thing i can give to him. if you still blaming me, that's your rights. i cannot stop people from talking what they want.

i'm not against for what people talking about me, bad mouth and cursed. Ok i accept that.

for somebody who said this to me  "good luck in dealing with all the hate you will be getting around", yes. it's the situation that happen to me now. but i'm not gonna hate for what she said.she might be right. you, or they have the right to scold me, hating me. but i'm hurt when people calling me bitch, cursed and so on. people doesn't know what actually happen.

trying to insult may have the possible reason to saying like that. but thanks for the @fiveoppars. i wrote this post to clear everything. to BBC and all fans out there who are still unsatisfied with me, since i'm the remorseful,
you seen my apologized now.

for what happen, I'M SORRY.. this is the first time happened to me..being hate by people and bad mouthing about me. if you still think i'm a bad girl, a bitch fangirl, that's your opinion. i'm a human being, doesn't miss from doing a mistake. that's why with this, i humbly apologize once again..Thank you..

I like you the best