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Thursday, May 17, 2012

BTOB official fanclub is MELODY

Rookie boy group BtoB has finally come to an agreement on their fanclub name! The group alerted their fans through a post via Facebook along with a special Youtube video message.

They announced, “Guess what BTOB Fans? BTOB’s Official Fanclub name has been decided! From now on, you will all be called ‘Melody’ and here’s a special video message from BTOB!”

Upon hearing the news, fans rushed to comment, “I love the name!“, “Proud to be a Melody“, “What a unique name“, and more.

BtoB made a successful debut on March 21st with their title tracks “Insane” and “Imagine“. The group has proven their amazing vocal skills and ability to pull off captivating performances through their debut stages.
Source: BtoB’s Facebook
sorry i'm a bit late to post this news..
almost a week
sorry melodies and kpopers

I like you the best