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Sunday, April 22, 2012

B2ST 2nd Fan Meeting

B2ST successfully held their 2nd official fan meeting, “B2ST Fan Club B2UTY 2nd Fan Meeting“, on April 22nd at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

The group previously held their 1st official fan meeting a year ago on April 2nd with 5,000 lucky fans at Koryeo University. This year, the boys had returned with much to show to fans through a talk show format fan meeting.

With comedian Kim Shin Young as MC, the members interacted with fans through various events, special stage performances, and a surprise event where the members handed presents to several lucky fans.

Ok, actually i just read this news. Because i'm not on9 for a whole day today. something happen..hurm

By the way..congratulation B2ST!! 

But still i can't attend their fan meeting for a second time..*Hurtbutt* huhuhu

Just enjoying the picture, fancams and comments from twitter.. *sobbing harder*

Source: Newsen via Nate

resdung dan resdung..Gila! 
boleh kiuk oh..

I like you the best