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Friday, January 20, 2012


If you have fallen for an idol, please go to watch a live show of him once in a life time. You have to go, you have to watch him with your flesh eyes. You have to watch him very very carefully. 

It is because the life on the stage may be able to last for a long time and it might also extinguish in a flash of time. You never know which type of it he belongs to. 

You can never predict that how long he will still be shining on the stage neither nor you can guess where he will be in the next second.

You don't know anything and you are not sure about everything. He is the one whom can never be replaced in your life but he is also the point in your life which you can never intersect with. 

If you have fallen for an idol, please you must let your mum know it because she is the one who loves you most but he is the one whom you love most.

One is just next to you but another one is far far away from you. You are the integrating point that can let them come to meet each other. Tell your mum, you really love him although she might not understand it, even if it is the case, you will still feel relieved.

You don't need to be too deliberate or direct. You can just hint your mother. 'Look! How do you think of him, mum? He is a very great singer.' You have to impress your mum with this boy whom is already deeply engraved in your heart.

If you have fallen for an idol, please make sure you have scribble something for him. The words need not be beautiful nor exact. You just need to jot down all the feelings that you have because you are missing him.the nervousness and the feeling of instability. All of the bitter and sweet memories.

Love is just like water flowing all over your nerves and your fingertips. It also sweeps your heart gently. Don't care about the quantity, you have to write something bout him, just to note down the journey of your loving him. Please don't let this precious feeling vanish when time passes. 

It is okay if the words are not very profound since what you want is just to trace back the footprints of him who has lived inside your world. 

If you have fallen for an idol, please make sure you have read his name out seriously once by using voice which is unclear, bright,devoted,gentle and love struck.

In the every normal day that you are living in, in every moment that you are nervous, in every sigh that you don't know what to do with this love, in every moment that you feel that you are going to faint because of the overjoy, in every night when you are missing him, read his name out. Read his name very seriously by holding your breath. You will feel that you really cannot shake his image out of your head since you are just missing him so so much. 

If you have fallen for an idol, please learn how to live well because of him.
The boy who is slowly infiltrating your life bit by bit,
the boy whom always makes you shed tears,
the boy whose smiles are clean and sweet,
the boy whom will always called 'the boy' by you no matter how old he has grown.
You have encountered the most excellent boy in the most beautiful moment but God has not planned to let you meet.
He is on the most shiny stage where light and shadow inter-weaved and he is enjoying the fame which might be ever lasting but you are just crossing the roads in a perhaps the most common street of the world.

What connects these two points is just the feeling of missing him but no other else. It sounds like you can reach him when you stretch our your arms but in fact, you can never reach him.

If you love him, please also find your balanced point in your life because of him. Don't lose the track of your life for you are obsessed with him. When you turn off the computer,when your calmness is resumed, you should take up your original role again. Where you come from should be where you are going to,too.
It is because the one whom you loved dearly is a person who is proud, he devoted all of his time to interpret his 'never settling to the second best'attitude, he tried his best to show others his best side so you have to love him whole-heartedly, too.

Because loving him also means that you have to love yourself. You love yourself who has become more gentle because of loving him. You love him, because it is inborn, it is destiny and it is what it meant to be.

You have to shoulder the responsibility of living your life well and adding beautiful elements to others' life. You have to try your very best to keep the beautiful things in your life, try your very best to do so. 

He is like that, you should, too...

credit to :
Chai Kang Yong

dedicate to fangirl outside (including me)


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