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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

B2ST’s upcoming “I Knew It” + MV

latest news
fresh and still hot from the oven

to B2UTIES out there
check diz out!

who's this b2uties??
yeah...our maknae Son Nam Shin Son Dongwoon
he's awesome isn't it?

that picture is one shot from B2ST upcoming mv and new single 'I Knew It'
that will released tomorrow (26.01.2012)
omooo..can't wait
after 8 months right without latest single

Dongwoon has been revealed as the protagonist in B2ST‘s theme music video for their upcoming single “I Knew It“. Agency Cube Entertainment released three stills from the upcoming teaser, which will be released with the single on January 26th.

Dongwoon, who was previously an advertisement model, pulls off a dark brooding look as he sits the driver’s seat of a car, gazing aimlessly into the distance. The music video for “I Knew It” tells the story of a character experiencing difficulties after his girlfriend seemingly has a sudden change of heart. DirectorZany Bros reportedly commented that Dongwoon should pursue acting after a scene in which he had to shed tears.

“I Knew It”, which will be released as a digital single, is scheduled to be revealed during B2ST’s ‘Beautiful Show‘ concert. The single will be the first song to be released in eight months after the group’s hit track “Fiction” from their album ‘Fiction and Fact’. Ballad song “On Rainy Days” will also be available for download on January 26th.

B2ST will perform “I Knew It” for the first time in front of fans on February 4th and 5th at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium during their world tour ‘Beautiful Show’.

- credit to @allkpop

so how do u think it will be B2UTIES??
let me hear you


our maknae!
stop make my heart fluttered
super excited here...

I like you the best