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아름다운 친구

Saturday, December 31, 2011

have to say goodbye for 2011..welcoming greeting to 2012

hello everyone..
2011 finally ends
and New Year 2012 will br replaced

hope the new year with new life, new wishlist growing up inside me

Goodbye 2011
i'm gonna miss the happy moment and forget the paintful memories

Welcome 2012
bring another happiness for me

new year wishlist :

1. make my parents proud and happy always and stay healthy

2. a successful and ALLAH always beside me

3. trip to Korea ( must be DONE! ) insyaAllah

4. attend K-pop concert + fanmeeting + event and so on (especially BEAST)

5. Canon/Nikon DSLR

6. still think about it..hahaha


p/s : i can't promise anything but
 i hope  i can do the best in future for me, myself 
and for my lovely family

I like you the best