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아름다운 친구

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My heart has been stolen!! ♥ ♥

hello everyone...
seems like i have a lot of work been tagged for me..huahaha
but im not in mood yet to finish that..
agak ngade2 cikit plak ngn broken b.i ne...
tp xpela kan...i try my best!

so bout my entry that i mention above
hehe..u can see rite??
u can understand what i mean...
im in luv oredy..huahaaa
tp org yg jatuhkan hati i tu jaooh sgt..huhu

plz make him closer to me...
i wish i can meet him once again... :(

there's sum1 also make already stolen my lovely heart
and make it beat soooo fast!!
wanna know who????

that's him!!


I like you the best