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아름다운 친구

Friday, December 19, 2014


Hai awak!
Yela awak la, Yong Junhyung

Kesayangan saya. 
Kembar saya, beza tahun je,

Happy birthday
Selamat hari jadi

Time flies!
It's been 6 years knowing you and BEAST
And I just can't stop loving you

Hope that you and BEAST will long last
be more happy, continue doing what you like, producing music and do not give up
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I don't know about future, everyone can't predict but for now I just want to continue support you and the rest, we stand together side by side, BEAST and B2UTY always, we give and take, we care for each other.

If the times come, I will get married, you too will found the amazing girl, be nice to her, marry her and make her happy.

I just sincerely love you, Yong Junhyung
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btw happy birthday for BEAST Yong Junhyung! #HAPPYJHDAY

Take care, and I want you to know, me also B2UTIES very glad and thankful to know you, and we wished for your happiness. Good luck and have a very good life.

 I am happy to see you today on Music Bank, 
to see your smile and energetic on stage


- Happy birthday to me too

I like you the best