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Sunday, May 26, 2013

One year already..since i met them (Block B)

Today is 26.05.2013.. means that it's been a year since i met them...
who? my first Kpop artist that i saw in front of my own eyes.
Block B

Last year, on this date (26 May) I have seen them for real..all the boys are real..
but except for the leader Zico (Woo Jiho) couldn't come because his sick on that time

Aigoo~~~ I missed them..I really do..

I still remember how depressed am I after posting the update about the event of Block B's my fault too for what i'm doing on that day

I get hating from BBC around the world
(BBC stand for Block B fandom - Block B Club)
and also from Malaysian BBC because i took an advantage to see them pass already..
and i wish i had a chance to attend another of their event
concert, fanmeeting, or autograph or high- 5 session..
but i want to see Zico as well

oh yeah..actually, they did come again to Malaysia for the second time
it supposed to for Kpop Storm Concert on last November
but the concert is being postponed, and get cancelled last minute..

i was like.. What the shit?? 
they have already reach Malaysia along with their label group mates EVOL

But, they just attend one event, the alcohol drink event and it just for Non-Muslims

How upset i am..i cant meet them to fetch on airport, 
cant send them back to because i have class to attend

And now, i missing them so much!
their current situation also made me curious how well and strong they are
with their scandal, facing a probably disbanded!!



I don't know why i'm so into this boy these days..
Zico, what have you done to me?

 Actually this is my real bias in Block B..Ahn Jaehyo..
but Zico now is distract my mind..uggh
and their first album that i buy 
this is also the first album i buy other than BEAST album
just because i want to meet them badly in Dorset Subang i bought this
but it never happen..the mini fanmeeting is also cancelled!

Block B members

  ZICO (he loves to call his name ziaco) :p

 Ahn Jaehyo.. <3 p="">
 Kim Yukwon
 Lee Taeil
 Lee Minhyuk
Park Kyung
 Pyo Jihoon
 Block B fighting! ^^

..till we meet again..

I like you the best