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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy YangYo Day!

Hello all..

I'm late to wish my forever favorite main vocal Yang Yoseob

You know him? No? Then, you are not B2UTY just like me..

Kekekekeke..I KNOW! I'm kidding OK~~ ^^

So, on 05.01.2013, which means yesterday is his birthday


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*I really miss your debut day, your blonde hair, and your childish side*
My angelic voice boy is getting older now

 Playb2st header update for Yoseob birthday

But...I still can't believe you turn into 24 this year...

Because, of you baby face..and aegyo


*slap ma face* ok, yes you now is 24


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this too!

The one who always mistaken as a maknae when he is the visual maknae

Yoseob at left, the REAL maknae Dongwoon (youngest) in the middle, and the leader Dujun on the right

Whenever I listen to his voice, my heart pumping very fast..

Yoseob ah, your voice really..really..really affect to me!

I'm going insane..totally insane if I heard his voice for the whole day..

My heart melting~~~

To Yoseob ssi:

You're a grown man now. But never fails to do aegyo.
~ congratulations to you for being so successful.

I'm so proud you till I can't say anything..

Now, you had your own album, your solo debut, solo song

Watching the achievement like you had today, my heart is ache

You know why...??

Because, I saw your journey together with BEAST..
You growing up, be as like you guys wished in the past..

Be on top, be the number 1..
Make me, your family as well your fans 'B2UTY'
Really, really proud...

When your song Caffeine announced as the winner for the first place,
I can see your satisfied, your bright smile

You must be so happy, am I right?

^___________^ wish..

Be strong, be happy with all you do in your life
I know being a singer is one of your top dream
and yes, now you had it..

So, please take care of your voice, your healthy

If you can't do well, we B2UTY know, you already done your best

Ermm..What else should I say?

Too much too express..But I just don't know how to explain..

But I know, you always give the best to us..

For exist in this world...
For exist in group called BEAST and together with them..
For giving the smile to your family, your friends and fans (B2UTY)
Thank you so much

Thank you for not give up :)

Happy birthday my boy


i miss you on Twitter land..
Can you comeback to there??

 Daily of Beast

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Too much words to say...But I want you to know

I like you VERY MUCH!!


Yoseob is my first bias in BEAST, Kikwang and Joker
Even Junhyung is now is the top, but Yoseob still you are the best

How I fall for him?
His dimple the answer for that 

I like you the best