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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shout Awards 2012 @ Surf Beach Sunway Lagoon


Hello my readers...Happy sunday
Still stalk my blog? Even though I didn't update for weeks now..hehe tengkiu2..

Keep supporting me okay..

Ok..lemme tell ya
take a look at my title


Have you watch it on TV? Or going to the Sunway Lagoon?

Last friday, the day of event, me with other 3 of my friends going there
I mean Sunway Lagoon as volunteers for the event

We volunteers as a SCREAMERS at MAIN STAGE

Omonaa..I'm so happy + excited + proud

First time getting close to see the artists perform, experience by myself how the shows on going

How can I get to be a screamers?

First of all, i scroll online for the job as a volunteers (not as screamers) after being told from my friend
However, the quote for volunteers full already and only screamers still available.

So I ask my housemate if she wants to join too

and we registered our names to participate

Lucky us, we are chosen to be part of it

Thanks to YOUTHS TODAY and Jazz Tan for giving us the opportunities

OK do't want mumble to much

Here's the pictures snap on that day

after finish the registration

If we lost it, we are prohibited to enter the event

why we wore the raincoat? of course its rainy on that night 
actually from the evening start to heavy rains 
that's why we are given the raincoat from the organizer ( 8TV )

The stage..too close right??hehehe
the happiness being a screamers at the main stage

the MAIN REASON why I want to attend this event because...
 I want to see these two of K-pop groups that invited as a performer


Manage to see VIXX and their performances

Nu'est out for giving awards 
But sadly, I can't see Nu'est performance at the closing
because already out from there

Congratulations for all the winners

Overall, its the best experience
But if you want to really experience the situation being in crowd, to see your favorite artists
MAKE SURE you prepared yourself mentally and physically
because you will be tired, sore throat on the next day

Ok guys..That's all from me

See you next post 



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