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Friday, March 11, 2011

Gempa Bumi + Tsunami di Jepun (Paling teruk dlm temph 140 tahun)

A very powerful earthquake (8.9 magnitude) stroke the NE coast of Japan, today on March, 11th. The Japan earthquake also hit the capital, Tokyo. A 10 m high tsunami was noticed in Sendaiharbour, which is situated in the NE of Japan. The tsunami in Japan also closed the main airport in Tokyo, taking into account that two days before, Japan was hit by another earthquake of 7.4 magnitude. After the tsunami, 6 fires outbroke. The authorities in Japan announced maximum degree alert. However, parts of Australia and Russia, New Zealand, Island Guarn, Hawaii and many others have been evacuated because of the high risk of tsunami in the following days and hours. The American specialists claim that the tsunami that occurred today in Japan was the most powerful that took place in the last century

Japan 2011 Tsunami

orang-orang yang sabar (terhadap bencana) dan mengerjakan amal-amal saleh mereka itu beroleh ampunan dan pahala yang besar (11:11)


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