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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Royal Pirates First Showcase in Malaysia - First Stop In Sabah

Hi all. 
I'm back again continue to update about the latest Korean rock band Royal Pirates showcase in Malaysia or to be exact their first stop in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

So, where should I start? 
I mean what should I write to tell you guys how lucky I am to met this band? 
Because they are really talented, good looking and a English-speaker so I found it amazing and easy for fans and media to communicate with them.

Let's begin. My previous post is about my first encounter with all Royal Pirates member in airport right. So continue with the day of Love Toxic showcase (1st May 2015)

I woke up early in the morning around 8 AM because I want to be there a the venue earlier and I know maybe I can be lucky winner or something. Then me and friend (Bibbiey) agreed to met at bus stop the heading to 1Borneo using another bus..yeaayy We ride on a bus okay.

So once we arrived, around 11:30 AM, I said ohh still early. Let's find the stage and after I saw it i was like woooooaahhh is it for real? The stage look freaking awesome with the drum set, the spave for the guitar and it was already set up. I can't wait.. then we go t have some lunch first because we are HUNGRY!!

The awesome stage for Royal Pirates to perform

Did you guys see the white set of drummer and other at the back? 
It was the place for my bias Kim Sooyoon the drummer

Okay continue with the things happened after we finished with our lunch.

We went back to the venue which is the place for Hotlink do a few promotion such as new cell phone with a less price and so on. And one girl with green hair which is the MC for the showcase Denise Chan were also there. I saw her during the night before when Royal Pirates arrived at the KKIA airport. She has been organized few contest for fans and public to participate if they wanted to see Royal Pirates closely.

I was so excited.. I have participate and be among the first contestant join the games just to get a free passes. and actually I've got my passes already before because i'm a winner for the third prize right.

But, my aim to get a meet and greet passes. And around 4-5 PM, the fans are now entering the venue and for the free standing zone me and the hotlink winners got the stand quiet close to stage. I mean the fans at our back is far away a bit from our places. But still the 1st and 2nd winner was lucky enough because their seat is more closer and they got the chances to zoom out the boys.

Well, I am being me. Still unsatisfied and wanted to join more games. And I guess at the moment I step back to the place where the MC still play few games for fans and it for the MEET and GREET passes. I've told myself, this is your chance Mayra!

And here we go, I was in rush to be at the games zone where Denise ask a few question for fans to answer, At that time the question was to name the twitter account of Royal Pirates members James and Moonchul. I noticed that few fans are still struggle and some of them have googled their account. I immediately raise my hands up and she noticed me so I've got the chance to answer the question. And I was correct!! So  I got one point for the meet and greet session. Later on she asking for the photo (polaraid), album, the red apps for Hotlink user and once again I'm in rush to get my things done. After that, I managed to answer another question by denise about what i'm going to say to royal pirates on stage later and my answer was 'hey please produced more unique and wonderful song for your fans and what?? 

Thank you so much Denise. I'm so happy!!

The pictures of us the winner for Meet and Greet session with Royal Pirates before the showcase begin. And we have to wore the red t-shirt given by Hotlink. 
Well, after all its my favorite color, RED. ^^

After that, we went back to the venue to enjoy the showcase. I really enjoy myself watching them perform live in front of my eyes. And I took a spot really coincidence with by bias because I stand really straight towards his place of drummer. 

And let's view some picture taken by me during the showcase.

I can see my bias directly straight. hahaha <3 p="">

Haiissh... i still missed them so much..

Please consider to coming here again in Sabah okay..

Royal Pirates hwaiting!!

I like you the best