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Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

BEASY 5th Year Anniversary


Today is 16.10.2014

Means, it's been 5 years BEAST exist, since their debut day on 16.10.2009 five tears ago. 

The time we spent together, is the most unforgettable moment.
I'm watching you guys, up and down, in tears and joy, BEAST still have a strong bond in my heart.

I don't know how to really express how grateful I am to be in fandom named B2UTY
To be loved by them (BEAST), to get know another great people that share the same understanding, the same interest, the same passion just like I do which is B2UTY.

Thank you and it was great support whenever the boys having their comeback. We always monitoring them, wanted to be their side and at the same time BEAST also spoiled us by giving us a great music produced to listen to, countless gift until i have some thought, who idols, and who fans?

At the end, what i cherish the most is we give and take. for both side. fair right?
That makes me fall more and more with them.

And they also never forget to spare time with B2UTY in their anniversary every year.
At the night, they prepared event online via Naver Starcast to meet the fans. And  they even singing live for their titile song for upcoming comeback, 12:30

It's hard to see any group would like to have their fans to listen first to their song before comeback, but BEAST did it and wanted us, the fans to not worried because it is the GIFT and want us to enjoy the song.

OMONAAA! That's why I love BEAST. They didn't care about anything except the happiness of B2UTY, nad we always be no.1 to them *i'm touched*

Too many words if i had to explain but no one will really understand the relationship between us B2UTY with them BEAST, because the more i try to figure out the exact reason, the more love i have for them.'s really hard to explain.

But, one thing for sure. I NEVER regret being in this fandom, and i don't care its five years, 10 years or more. We fans still counting and cherish the time because we are here.

Let's stay together, BEAST.


I like you the best