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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To K-POP Fans..It's time to SHOUT OUT!

Hello to my dearest readers..Are you a K-pop fans??
BBC, SHAWOL, ANGEL, KISS ME and other fans from other fanclub?

Wanna see you favorite K-pop artist??

Let's have a big shout for 9 groups of K-pop idol who will drop off to our country next week on Nov 6..

"WBS Concert: K Pop Storm Live in Malaysia" 2012 is the largest K-Pop concert in Kuala Lumpur. This is a program that has been ongoing Korean Culture in Korea for several years and it is the first time to be held in Kuala Lumpur, brought to you by WBS.
This is also the first time in which Shinee will lead the top K-Pop Group of Korea. Shinee is also one of the top five groups of K-pop in Korea. For all K-Pop fans in Malaysia, this will be a very special, rare opportunity and certainly very exciting to see K-Pop group nine of the most famous of South Korea including Shinee, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Block B, Girls Day, Dal Shabet, No Brain, D-Unit and The Gwangdae that will make a performance on the same stage.
WBS Concert: K-Pop Storm Live in Malaysia, is the biggest concert in 2012, which would fulfilled the satisfaction of K-Pop fans who thirsted for mega K-Pop concert in Malaysia. The concert will be held at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on 6 November 2012 (Tuesday), featuring all the top-rated and new pop stars who are leading Korean Wave. Do not miss this opportunity to appear only once in a lifetime to meet Shinee first visit in Kuala Lumpur. There is also a surprise performance of collaboration featuring K-ROCK as well.
There is a surprise waiting for the fans because the 9 lucky winners will get a backstage pass and a list of the winners have been announced. Congratulations to Najwa Amira bint Roslin, Lai Yung Kang, Nawal Norshafika, Choy Ng Thye, Norijah Haji Sani, Phua Li Wan, Song May Yee, Tan Mei Qin and Teh Poh Yean are definitely excited to meet their favourite artists on the . In addition, K-pop Storm 2012 also has another surprise for the fans and do not want to disappoint them. Due to the overwhelming request and suggestion, the organizer will extend the tea-time lucky draw deadline until 4-Nov-2012 11:59pm.

All fans who bought the RM688 or RM588 ticket before the deadline will automatically enter into a lucky draw to be one of the 20 Lucky Fans to win a tea-time session IN PERSON with their dream K-Pop artist.
WBS Concert: K-Pop Concert Live in Malaysia 2012 Storm, brought to you by WBS and organized by Happy Entertainment, Mega Ultimate and CFA x nude as the management and co-organizer of the concert, Ticket Charger as the official ticket agent, while Sunway Lagoon is the official venue for the concert event. For further information refer to the official website of K-pop Storm Facebook: and Twitter:

Concert tickets are categorized into 4 parts, Super VIP, VIP (RM688), Blue Zone (RM588), Green Zone (RM388) and the Orange Zone (RM133) with limited places. For those fans doesn’t have the have tickets yet, grab and get tickets soon be available from the official website of the ticketing agent: for further inquiry on ticketing. "WBS Concert: K-Pop Live in Malaysia Storm" will be documented as a historical events in Malaysia that combines nine of K-Pop groups and known to be aired in South Korea.



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