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Friday, March 23, 2012

B2ST successfully wraps up their first arena performance in Yokohama, Japan


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mianhae *bow*

Idol group B2ST successfully completed their very first arena performance in Japan.

On March 21st and 22nd, B2ST held their ‘Beautiful Show in Yokohama‘ at the Yokohama arena to kick off a series of performances to take place in 3 different Japanese cities.

B2ST perfectly harmonized with a live band, performing their hit songs such as “Shock“, “Fiction“, “Beautiful“, and more for 2 hours straight.

Member Son Dongwoon even prepared a special performance of Hirai Ken‘s “Hitomio Tozite“, which touched the hearts of their Japanese fans.

The audience members enjoyed the performance on their feet the entire show, and waved glowsticks among other things colored grey, which happens to be B2ST’s official color.

A die-hard fan who follows B2ST to every country they perform in was also present, proving the group’s ever-growing fame all over the world.

Before the boys crossed over to Japan, the members completed shows in Singapore and Indonesia, and will head to Kobe and Nagoya next.

Source & Image: MyDaily

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