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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yong Junhyung B2ST with his first solo song


another good news for B2UTIES in a week after "I Knew It" release..

B2ST‘s Junhyung will be releasing his first ever solo track since his debut!

Following the success of “I Knew It“, Junhyung will be releasing a hip hop song co-produced by himself and Kim Tae Joo titled “Living Without You“. Scheduled for release on February 3rd, the song is considered as the behind-the-scenes story to “I Knew It”, as it tells the feelings of the guy betrayed in the original song.

The song’s cool lyrics are supported by a modern hip hop rhythm that will surely pull at the heartstrings of its listeners. Junhyung’s skills as a lyricist are also expected to come out full force, especially since he’s already proved this time and again through his compositions for other artists.

B2ST is currently preparing for their ‘Beautiful Show‘ world tour, which kicks off in a matter of days.

source form @allkpop

the teaser

비스트 '너 없이 사는 것도(Living without You)' 작업 스케치


today is my tired day
with Pengajian Islam replacement class + my Korean language class
busy since early morning
yes...tired and soo tired..!

i'm fine with that because.....

my love a.k.a Yong Junhyung


i know u love me
and make me love you more with your special gift :)
back from class and read the article
good news for me and good news for all b2uties
thanks for make me smile ear to ear today

no wonder your tweet last night a bit clishe..
i love it..

your first solo song since debut..
congratulations jagiya! 


i know you a bit tired here
but still sheksi kyaa...

I like you the best