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아름다운 친구

Thursday, July 22, 2010

~niCe woRds~ ♥♥

Even though we are no longer together.
And I no longer consider you as my lover.
My feelings mixed and mind confused.
My body feels misused and abused.
I can't let you go even though I want to.
My thoughts are always consumed with you.
I try to move on but always lose interest.

Because of the feelings that I can't put to rest.
I just want these feelings to go away.
Somehow I know that forever in my heart they'll stay.
Even though I pretend that nothing is wrong and hide behind a smile.
Inside I am crying like a newborn child.
When I am alone sometimes I call out your name.
But the response I get is always the same.
A response filled with silence that adds to my pain.
All I really want is for you to love me again...

I like you the best