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아름다운 친구

Thursday, March 8, 2012

me + her = us

how are you readers??

me is soo happy today!

finally i met her again

she is my beloved BFF, my lovely silly girl

Jed Ikram

huu...past a few months ago we meet
and today we having our fun
even in a short time

thanks cyg..

when we're together
time flies quickly

next time kte hang out lg eah..

sila dengki dgn pic kami yg kiut + biut

 biut. kikikih

 our location..KLCC


 i'm being crazy whenever i'm with her..haha

knpe pic dy je yg byk?
mana pic sy?
pic sy byk kt kamera Lumix dy tu hah
tggu dy bg nnt sy bg dengki korang lg yerr..

and last but not least

the most precious gift for me from her
my polaraid pic
pout yg tak men jadi hahahaha!

bye yeom..............

I like you the best